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Melissa Nikita is a New York based DJ/Producer that has long established herself as a staple in the Techno music scene. With two decades of talent and experience developed in the booths of nightclubs & festivals worldwide; Melissa Nikita's distinguishable sound of Techno has made its mark on NYC’s scene and set lists of DJs like Richie Hawtin and Marco Bailey.  

Always a leading force, she is also officially Endorsed & Sponsored by DENON DJ & owner of NIKITA | EVENTS Inc.   She is not only a veteran DJ/Producer, but a DJ’s DJ, putting quality first and staying true to her unique sound that has rocked nightclubs for over two decades.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC – her passion sprung from her early days of writing music. Her musical roots translated well when she found her true calling in the sound-waves of clubs like Palladium, Limelight, & Sound Factory (Sundays) in the early 1990s.  

Quickly learning and rising in the ranks, Melissa became resident DJ at NYC’s hot-spot’s Centro Fly as well as club EXIT by the early 2000's.


 She would soon be rocking dance floors all throughout New York City, the country, and then onto notable music festivals such as the I Love Techno Festival Latin America 2003, The Netherlands Technova Festival 2004, I Love Techno Festival South America 2005 – Fast-to recent times The BPM Festival 2013,  Corona Sunset Festival 2017,  Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 & 2019, Electric Zoo Festival 2018, Miami Music Week 2018 & 2019.  


Currently, Melissa Nikita showcases quarterly with the MNTRA crew in Las Vegas [quarterly in Los Angeles as well as peppering internationally pre-pandemic | INTL.] & locally in the NY/NJ/East Coast areas.


In the booth Melissa Nikita, is known for her distinguishable sound & relentless energy.  She blends aggressive, dark - yet seductive rhythms with multiple layers of percussive sound into her own style of techno madness - blending just the right tracks to maintain the explosive atmosphere she brings to the dance floor every time. 

Exciting successes have come with record releases featured on labels such as FUNK’N DEEP, Minitech Recordings, Frequenza, Bonzai Progressive, Terminator Records, Layer 909, MB Electronics, DE-KONSTRUKT, Nervous Records, Unity Records, Comade Music, Beat Therapy Records and more.

A multitude of her illustrious Techno tracks are rotated by DJs like Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Luigi Madonna, Joseph Capriati, Marco Bailey, Agent Orange DJ & Minitech Project to name a few. 

You can find Melissa Nikita LIVE each week on her TWITCH channel for her livestream show TECH TUESDAY


#mnTECHtuesday & also twice per month on & 103.7FM in Düsseldorf, Germany for her mixshows “Deep Transmissions NY with Melissa Nikita” & “Melissa Nikita presents STATION119” featuring special guests such as Tom HadesAlexander Technique, Agent Orange DJ, Frankie Bones & PHUTEK to name a few…

Melissa Nikita continues to make waves in the scene while delivering her energetic-dark style in Techno.


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